0129F: Taking Time To Celebrate Love

Today is Valentine's Day - a day that is both widely celebrated and also rather reviled depending on the company you keep. While I've never been against the holiday, I admit that I used to be indifferent to it. And I'm not just talking about when I was single - I generally didn't care about it during my past relationship given it was sort of part of how we had agreed to do things at a time. But now I'm a lot more in touch with my cheesy, corny side - hence the celebration of our campiness that is the Baduy Pride blog that Tobie and I write together.

But regardless of my mixed feelings towards the holiday over the years, I've always been one to celebrate love and be proud of who I am and how I feel. And that's become even more important now that Tobie, Prince and I are starting a new and very exciting life together in a rather unique relationship dynamic that still has a lot of people scratching their heads.

And no, I'm not taking an absolute "I don't care what other people think" stance here. While I am focused on the happiness of my partners, at the same time I feel proud about our love and I want to get more and more people to be able to if not understand but at least appreciate how strongly we feel for one another and the serious commitment we've made as a union.

There are no "rule books" for this sort of thing after all, so we know we're breaking somewhat new ground. While others have gone down this path before, I'm sure, one cannot say that the experiences of others will be anything like ours. Every person is unique after all. And the interactions we can have with other equally unique individuals can lead to any number of possibilities and combinations.

It's the sort of talk that gets you thinking about multiverses and alternate planes of reality. And I know that seems like quite a big leap of thought, but I've always been one to think about just how infinitely diverse life can be and thus the need to try and keep an open mind as much as possible. It's not easy - we're only human after all. But I do my best to understand all the different ways life can go, if only to hope to get the same level of respect in terms of how other people will treat me - well, us - in turn.

But most importantly, I am deeply, deeply in love with my boyfriends, Tobie and Prince. It's still surprising how we work on so many different levels despite our differences. Sometimes it seems like there are so many reasons "on paper" for us to not necessarily work. But then in so many other ways, we totally, amazingly do. And that's what makes every day pretty much magical and worth every single previous moment of new shared experiences.

That's always something to look forward to - especially with our simple yet still special Valentine's Day dinner planner for tonight!

But as much as we're celebrating love today, I just received word from my Avida contact that the unit that we had been discussing had already been reserved by someone else. We had been willing to make our own reservation when we viewed the model units last Sunday, but someone had placed a hold on the unit before us. And now the holding period has passed and it looks like our competitor has already confirmed their reservation.

There are still other options like waiting for a Tower 2 unit - but that also means moving our timetable to 2015 instead of 2013. That's an additional two years to wait and still live under a rental agreement probably here at Regalia or wherever while we wait for the new tower to be ready. That could be either a good or a bad thing - it may be a wee bit too early to say which one exactly.

But I'm trying not to let the news get to me. We're not beaten yet and given how our life seems almost charmed or blessed in so many ways (and even more so with Prince in the picture) there has to be a good reason for this development that will make sense in the long run. That's just how life is supposed to work out, right?