0129E: Better and Better and Better

I'm still smiling after Tobie, Prince and I shared a "virtual date" given the two of them are in Makati now and I'm still at home at QC. The differences in our work schedules remains a bit of an annoyance, but it doesn't mean that we have to feel like we're actually apart from on another. And this afternoon's quick lunch date of sorts really left me feeling good despite a rather quiet Sietch.

Still waiting for news regarding any possibly available 2BR units over at the Avida San Lorenzo condominium project. While there are still a number of Tower 2 units available, the projected completion time of 2015 seems a bit too long for comfort. Thus it would really work in our best interests if a Tower 1 unit became available -our broker is still investigating what happened to the unit that we had been discussing that had disappeared from the available list at the last minute.

I'm trying to stay positive and keeping in mind that the unit will become ours and all will be well. Over the years I've learned to be a bit of a believer in positive thinking - strong happy thoughts are more likely to attract good things your way, in my opinion. It'll cost us an arm and a leg to finance this monster and we'll be paying it off for a better part of our lives. But at the same time, it'll certainly make for a lovely home and I can totally see us making a life together.

Last night at O Bar Ortigas was crazy fun despite how tired we all were. We arrived in matching shirts that we had bought at the hot air balloon fiesta, as if we needed even more ways to remind everyone at the bar that the three of us are together in a relationship. Definitely nothing to be ashamed of for sure - we're more than proud to have found a new way to express our love for one another and we're always more than ready to proclaim our feelings for one another to the world. It's just how we work, and it's a big part of why our Baduy Pride blog exists in the first place.

Not too many friends had showed up last night for various reason. We were initially expecting a certain bar friend to celebrate his birthday with the gang but a last minute family emergency altered his plans and that just left us with a more or less regular O Bar Night.

Okay, maybe it wasn't entirely regular for a number of reasons. First, Prince had joked about Tiger and Duck taking a trip to O Bar some time so they could see what it was like and maybe even experience being on stage.

You see, Prince had just had his first experience with their extraordinary stowaway efforts given they had somehow snuck into our bag for our Clark trip over the weekend. These nefarious little critters had previously managed to get all the way to Singapore, check out my office in Makati and have even watched a few local theater productions to boot. And since Prince had brought it up, well, it looks like the two got some bright ideas.

I didn't notice it right away, but Tobie quickly spotted an unlikely visitor during Prince's first poi set last night. And I know, I know, we had talked about it in a joking manner before heading out to O Bar, but it was a completely different matter entirely to actually spot the little critters up on stage with our baby.

EXACTLY! It was Duck in Prince's pants pocket! And later on Tiger made his appearance too! And this was also a night when we had decided to bring along some of Tobie's "special" banana bread as a weird bar snack. And then there were so many O Divas present that they really pushed the limits of the kinds of big production numbers they could pull together. I have tons of photos that I still need to edit and upload, but in time I'll be able to show just how crazy things got with 8 drag queens present in a single bar.

So even with just a few close friends present, we really, really had a lot of fun and all went home more than ready to sleep. What a great way to end the weekend.

And now another work week has begun! I wonder what life has in store for the three of us this time around...

...hopefully some good news about the condo, maybe? That would certainly be a start!