0129D: A Magical Day

Well, we're home and trying to recharge a bit before heading out to O Bar Ortigas. And considering that we've been pretty much awake since 04:00am this morning, it's going to be a bit of a challenge to get through a bar night. But the weekend has been going pretty stellar so far - it's hard to imagine not capping it off with a few drinks at our favorite hang-out. Plus it's officially how Prince came into our lives, and that has given the bar an extra level of meaning entirely.

Today at the 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta was AMAZING. As one friend put it, it's hard to believe that we all got so excited over watching balloons get inflated, but that's precisely how we felt. The whole trek and the need to wake up early, dealing with ridiculously long queues and all that jazz was more than worth those few moments of wonder as the various hot air balloons took to the air. I never would have thought of trying to arrange a trip like this would have Tobie and so we clearly have our amazing Prince to thank for putting this event together.

And it wasn't just balloons of course. There were different sky divers and parachutists, dazzling aerial acrobatics and a bunch of other fun stuff. There was lots of food (but we didn't eat much beyond what we had brought with us) and SO MANY PEOPLE, it hurt my head. But it was all good and totally worth the time and effort. I don't know how I'll be able to process all the photos that I took of  the various events themselves - I need more practice with photo clean-up for outdoor shots. My thanks to our baby Prince again for giving me this new photo challenge.

This was a pretty amazing event - I can't say that enough. While I don't foresee us making the effort to head out to Clark every year for a bunch of balloons, I am thankful that we've gone at least once. And now we're free to try even more new things in other parts of the country with Prince's help. He's added a new dynamic that involves travel and adventure to our lives, but without needing to go overboard in terms of spending and all that jazz.

And we're pretty easy to please. I was happy with all the photos I took. Prince had fun spinning his poi between the fiesta activities. And Tobie was more than just happy with his fuchsia shark balloon, that appeared to be constantly attacking us all throughout the morning. He is now floating above our TV,  for some reason.

And on a last note, we finally got to pay a visit to the Avida San Lorenzo showroom along Pasong Tamo. The place is looking really good and the three of us liked how they arranged their 2-bedroom unit (versus what SM Jazz did). It's a shame that the original unit the broker and I had been discussing appears to have disappeared from availability for some reason, but I got her to commit to keep looking in case some of the earlier hold requests have been withdrawn in order to free up units again. I really feel good about this place and if we can bag a Tower 1 unit, we'll be able to move in by next year!

Cross your fingers folks and send your prayers to your respective deities. Help us get this unit!