0129C: Our Clark Adventure - In Pictures

We really maximized our day here at the Maharaja Hotel at Clark, Pampanga and it has been stellar on so many levels. Today has proven to be a lovely escape from the city, even if for only a day. Great food. A lovely room. And even more fun bonding time between Tobie, Prince and me - which means good conversations, wading in the pool and all that good stuff.

But since we have to get up bright and early tomorrow, I'll opt to do a photo post for today instead of my usual narrative. We'll need to be awake in less than six hours, so time is certainly of the essence.

On the bus!
Prince's Valentine's Surprise =)
Testing out the bed
Pampanga buffet! Nom Nom Nom!
Poi in Bed
Poi by the Pool
Special coffee service by Prince
Nebula Poi by the Pool
Hot Air Balloon Tickets!
An unexpected dinner guest
Because C'Italian was full
Last poi for the night!