01299: Things Just Keep Getting Better

Things continue to go well, as far as I can determine. I say that in order to remain moderately calm and not overly excited, but given how things continue to develop, well, I admit I have a tendency to get rather giddy these days. Tobie teases me about it from time to time - it's a change that seems to have started ever since Prince entered our lives.

Two words: tap dancing. LOL

Continuing to explore the condominium options in Makati is certainly proving rather interesting. While I continue to deal with a rather enthusiastic SM Jazz broker who probably thinks I'm going to be an easy sale, I'm also checking out the Avida developments as well given Ayala Land's general track record in recent years. While the SM Jazz deal is presenting some rather cost-effective payment schemes that seem well within our financial capability, the unit design leaves something to be desired.

On the other hand, the Avida Towers San Lorenzo development has some very interesting unit layouts that appeal to me a bit more. However I have yet to connect directly with a broker about possible pricing and payment options and so it's hard to make a fair comparison. Plus the development seems a bit too close to the flood-prone areas near the Pasong Tamo / Walter Mart area. And the potential flood risks seem a bit higher for their Makati West project which is closer to the dreaded intersection of Buendia and the South Super Highway.

Tobie has been continuing talks with a potential employer that also seem to be going very well. It's another creative project, which means that it will help fulfill other parts of Tobie's life apart from just extra income. Tobie needs this kind of creative challenge to keep him going in the same way that I look to writing as my output or Prince expresses himself through poi. I really hope this opportunity pans out well for him - it sounds like a really great job for him with a lot of potential for the future.

Plus I have to admit that it sounds pretty darned cool, too.

Prince is getting more used to Sietch life, especially in terms of his morning commute to his office in Makati. We've been "experimenting" with the various ways of him commuting south and the learnings thus far have been pretty interesting. Now we just need to get him an access card for the elevators so he's able to come and go more freely. Giving him a key to the apartment was actually the easy part. The access card requirement means dealing with the building PMO in order to get that addressed.

In all the scenarios that I've been running. it looks like we'll still be based out of Regalia for another year or so at minimum given the development timelines for all these condominium projects and the differences in cost when you purchase units closer to their turnover date. If we can hunker down here at the Sietch for a bit longer, we should be able to manage our finances well enough to purchase a full home within the next two years. It will eventually mean some belt-tightening and serious budgeting here and there, but I don't think things will get too severe.

I really think we can do this. It all seems to real and palpable that I can almost taste it. We just need to remain focused and committed to both our dreams and one another and I'm sure good things will follow. It almost seems crazy and overly optimistic at times, but it's hard for even my logical mind to deny the excessively good feelings I have in my heart as empowered by the two men that share their love with me. And that's a very special thing indeed that's worth fighting for and working hard for. After all, Tobie and Prince are part of my family now and they deserve my full love and devotion. And all the results of my hard work are more than worth the great things that the three of us are going to share in the amazing life ahead of us.

And even if there are a few hiccups and bumps further down the road, I know we can face them head-on together. Good relationships empower all those involved after all. And with Tobie and Prince with me, quite frankly I feel rather super.