01298: Building A Family

Missed work last night. Daytime obligations can be sometimes hard to manage in consideration of my graveyard schedule. I hate it when this happens, but that's life I suppose. Such moments always have me thinking about considering regular daytime working hours again, which is a option that is always out there somehow. However the financial rewards of the call center industry are hard to ignore, especially with all the housing goals that we still have for our growing family.

Speaking of that, received initial word back from SM Residences regarding their Jazz development, however this new agent still seems to be milking me for all I'm worth. He's offering a larger fully furnished unit with a heftier price tag that already goes beyond our manageable budget. I'm pushing back for other considerations and we'll see how this goes, otherwise we may need to look for other options.

But I'm more motivated than ever to keep on looking. We have a happy little family unit between Tobie, Prince and me that deserves to be nurtured and allowed to grow into something even more fantastic. And I really want to find us a place where we can do just that and attain all of our shared dreams. We all want to be able to express our creativity in different ways whether its my writing, Tobie's comics or Prince's poi, just to name a few things. I know I keep saying this in recent blog posts, but dang this is all so exciting, I can hardly wait to see what lies around the next corner.

Prince is actually here right now - home with us here at the Sietch. It's a bit more of a commute for him (especially on weird days like today when the MRT was partially out of commission), but I'm glad that he feels it's all worth it in order to be with us, his family. The Sietch is more than happy to have him of course, although there are a few adjustments we still need to address over the next few weeks. These include making some space in our closet for his clothes or perhaps considering buying additional storage units. And there are bound to be a lot of other things like adjusting our grocery routines given Prince is quite the chef as well, which means all three of us are capable of cooking meals for the "family".

Okay, I'm getting a kick out of the term family.

Tobie is pretty excited about a new job opportunity that has me pretty excited as well. When his part-time gig ended recently, it was certainly a bit of a sad note, especially since we're trying to gather all possible funds for our future home. But now there's a new option on the table that definitely has a lot of potential not just for supplementary income but for Tobie to be able to express more of his creativity at the same time. And that's certainly a prize worth considering. So both Prince and I are definitely cheering him on for him to succeed.

This weekend is definitely something to look forward to since the three of us will be taking out first out-of-town trip together. Given Prince's travel connections, he's arranged for a trip to Clark, Pampanga to attend the 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival. Prince thought it would be a nice event for us to attend given my love for photography, plus it's a chance for the three of us to bond even more. Even though we'll only be there overnight, I know it's going to be pretty awesome. So excited!

But not to get through the rest of the work week first before thinking too much of the weekend. I have at least once major deadline this week and a few more in the weeks to come. I am so going to kill this!