01297: Adjustments As We Move Forward

There's a lot going on in my mind right now - as if this is a new thing with the way my brain works. But I'm not troubled (at least not now) - I'm actually just very excited about so many things. And given how life has been going for us so far, can you actually blame me?

The more and more time that we spend together with Prince, the more I feel less doubt about what we started last January 23 when we decided to become a new union. It's not easy by any standard for sure, but few things have felt this right or this amazing, and that has to mean something indeed. And as we continue to deepen this relationship and the love we share, we also find ourselves adjusting our longer term plans to factor in all three of us and how we can achieve our dreams.

Tobie is a very creative and imaginative guy and his dreams tend to center around exploring that side of his person through movies, television, comic books and other storytelling mediums. Prince is a deep thinker with a passion for travel, cooking and his current art form of poi. And you know me to be a geek - a frustrated writer who also wants to become published and also more in touch with my creative side. We all have very strong passions in terms of what we love in life and I feel there has to be a way for all three of us to lead long, fulfilling lives doing what we love to do.

Then there's the question of how we can live out a happy life together, which goes beyond just hanging out together during the weekends. We really want to find a home together - one that meets all of our needs given our different schedules, obligations and other little things that factor into our lives. And as much as Tobie and enjoy our little life here in Cubao, it seems a lot of the signs are pointing further and further south in terms of a solution that works out for all three of us.

Some time back we initially considered getting a condo unit at the SM Jazz Residences. As much as I hate condominiums as a long term investment and the thought of forever paying association dues on top of our amortization, the location of this particular development project is just far too ideal to ignore outright. It's located right on Jupiter Street, which makes my office just a jeep away and even Prince's current job similarly near.

And now Tobie is facing the prospects of a new job in the Makati area as well, making things this now a triple winner of sorts. Living closer to our jobs, while boring on paper, is still a good thing in terms of the daily grind. It means less to spend on commuting and gas (since Tobie drives) and other incremental benefits from proximity to work like being able to leave the house much later.

The list of good things about this potential move just go on and on.

Of course we need to remain grounded in reality, of course. The price of the condo will fall within a similar range of what we were projecting for a town house, so there's no major cost savings in this particular transaction. It will also mean we'll still need help to some extent in order to finance it, even with more colorful financing options. And looking at the units, the best we can aim for is a 50sqm 2-bedroom unit or something, which also means still having laundry outsourced and things of that nature.

But as with many other aspects of this relationship, our shared life together and all that good stuff just around the corner, this feels like a very good idea and one that deserves full study and evaluation. But if all our ducks line up correctly, then we can totally explore this particular dream and see where it all takes us. And this feels like a great step forward forward, one that factors in my long term dream of finally owning property together with creating a home for the three of us.

And this doesn't mean we still won't aspire to have an actual house of our own in the future. We'll continue to look for a place and then eventually we can opt to rent out the condo unit we purchase to help finance our eventual permanent home. This has always been one of the possible alternatives I've considered over the years in mapping out this home purchase. And now it may be time to bring this particular plan of out the archives for eventual application in this situation.

This can totally work - I know it can. Between Tobie, Prince and myself, I feel we can accomplish almost anything together. With their love and support, I feel almost superhuman (but not in a creepy Chronicle kind of way, mind you) and I know Tobie and Prince feel similarly given such situations. It all seems to be moving so far and yet at the same time not fast enough. After all, despite being "official" for less than a month, why does it feel like Prince and I have been going out for Poy-Poy days for years now? Or why it seems like Tobie and Prince have been exchanging jokes since college or something?

That's just how it works for us - life brought us together because of the strong resonance we feel between our hearts and perhaps even our very souls. It's amazing and beautiful and wonderful. And thus it's so worth fighting for.


  1. More and more, thing will fall into place for us three.

    1. Exactly love love. Because this was almost meant to be, it seems.


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