01296: A Good Weekend for Bonding

Well last night was pretty fun indeed. Despite the typically large Saturday crowd and all that annoying stuff, last night at O Bar together with Tobie, Prince and other friends was still a great experience. It's not often that all three of us get to go to the bar together and just have fun along with supporting Prince's poi performances. And with the acquisition of a new 8GB memory card for my camera, my ability to take HD videos of Prince's sets has significantly increased.

Plus Tobie and I got to test drive our new official Tintin shirts while at the bar. Geek references FTW!

It always feels surreal to consider that we haven't been "officially" together for even a month so far and yet it feels like we have had several years of meaningful experiences together. Then again, I guess a lot of relationships (or at least the potentially good ones) feel that way in the beginning. As we continue to "fill in the blanks" of what we know about one another, we continue to share new insights about one another and find more and more reasons for our love. As much as we trust our hearts to have led us in the right direction (in this case to one another), there's still a lot of finer points that we need to figure out and address over time. But it's definitely worth all the effort and potential stress, that is inevitable in these situations.

The key, as always, is continuing to talk through any issues that come up, ranging form the little things like petty jealousies at the bar to the bigger stuff like mapping out our financial futures. Whatever the concern, one needs to keep the lines of communication open between all concerned parties in order to make some real headway with these issues. It's far too easy to just "let sleeping dogs lie" and avoid issues, but they'll continue to nag you in the long run and that can undermine even the best intentioned unions.

On the flips side, today the three of us had a lovely "triple-date" of sorts away from the bar scene. I had purchased tickets to see Repertory Philippines' staging of Next Fall and the three of us made the trek to Greenbelt despite still being somewhat hungover from the night before.

The play itself was definitely well-written, although the very distinct New York flavor to the dialogue may have been a bit of a challenge for the actors. At times it felt like the actors weren't quite sure how to best capture the original intentions of the playwright or perhaps didn't try to fully adopt the characters as their own and instead resorted to a weird caricature of things. I'm not saying it was bad, just that there were moments that felt a little off. If anything, they still out up a great show and one that certainly had a lot of meaning.

The play will definitely make you think about ta lot of things, such as your stand on religion as a member of the LGBT community or even the challenges of hospital visitation rights when the family is unaware of one's homosexual lifestyle. It naturally had me thinking about the far off future and how Tobie, Prince and I will handle situations like that. I'm sure we're going to be up for the challenge when push comes to shove, but of course it helps to sort of map these things out and plan for eventualities.

We ended up all the way on Katipunan for a Sweet Inspiration Mongolian buffet dinner. Tobie brought up the idea since Prince enjoys Mongolian bowls and it was nice to share this particular eating experience with our baby. Of course it was a little funny to bump into my folks while we were there, but life just has a funny way of throwing those sorts of surprises here and there.

Now we have just enough time to rest up a bit more and then we'll have one more O Bar Ortigas night to cap off the weekend. I wish we didn't have to consider an "end" to weekends with Prince just yet, it's still pretty early in this relationship and we haven't quite reached that point when we can all just be together every single day. But we are thinking about our shared future for sure including the type of furniture we're going to have in the place that will eventually be our permanent home. I can hardly wait.