01295: A Busy Poy-Poy Saturday

As I start this post I am reminding myself to keep this brief. As is the way with a call center Saturday, I lack sleep since we had more important things to do, and we still have plans of going out tonight. Ah life.

More or less the first Saturday of every month has been designated as Poy-Poy's grooming day and it's become the practice that I accompany Prince for such days. Tobie has the advantage of hanging out with Prince at O Bar during the week nights when he performs. And so as a weird alternative, Prince and I share these Poy-Poy Saturdays - at least until Tobie is comfortable enough to be around a dog as frisky and energetic as Poy-Poy.

Today we had mapped out trying the grooming services at the Pet Express branch at SM Mall of Asia. What we had not prepared for was just how many people bring their dogs there and a projected waiting window of several hours. But we were already there and had a few other errands to run, so it seemed most prudent to remain in the area until Poy-Poy was done.

So today Prince and I had lunch at Kitaro, shopped at Bench for stuff he needed for the show, watched Chronicle and managed to snag some of those Lazy Boy recliners, bought a larger memory card for my camera and had dinner at Teriyaki Boy. I'd love to go into more detail., but we really just don't have the time.

Poy-Poy came out of the groomers looking pretty fantastic though! We opted to give him a "puppy cut" so he'd have less hair to deal with given the coming summer heat and things turned out rather nicely. However given the way the Pet Express queue goes, we might opt to limit such visits to once a quarter and relying on the faster services of Cartimar in the future.

I really wish Tobie had been with us today. However Saturdays also mean that he still has significant work obligations to deal with alongside his (diminishing) fear of dogs, we're just not there yet. But at least all three of us will have our first non-bar date tomorrow as we go to watch the play Next Fall at Greenbelt. Yay for quality time with the men I proudly love!

Now to hopefully nap a bit before O Bar tonight. Given all three of us will be together at the bar, this is going to be a LOT of fun for sure!
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