01293: February Progress Report

After every long and enjoyable vacation comes the madness of returning to work. And boy, was my day pretty crazy indeed.

On top of the usual End-of-Month reports (that could have been End-of-Week just a day earlier) and catching up with several days worth of email, I also found myself with three new major deadlines, the first of which being tomorrow. And while I can appreciate working under pressure as much as the next guy, this felt like a bit of a stretch even for me. But hey, I always feel that way when a new deadline comes in and things seems a tad tight. In the end I still got most of the document together and it looks like we're on track for submission tomorrow.  Oh joy.

Of course that still leaves me with the other deliverables and any new deadlines that are going to come my way. February has just begun after all and I doubt things are going to slow down anytime soon as companies start working their way through their quarterly budgets.

It's a new month, and naturally a lot is on my mind in terms of our plans for the future. In terms of my personal goals for 2012 and how to make them evolve from just being dreams to full-blown reality. And it's funny how the goals still hold true despite the fact they were established before Tobie and I joined our lives with Prince.

The initial list of three included the following items:

  • Write a Novel - Sadly, no progress as of this time. Bad, Rocky, bad.
  • Revise our Wardrobe - While we did buy 3 new Tintin shirts while at Singapore, we're still a long way from addressing this issue. We have committed to go to Greenhills sometime in search of what we hope to be decently affordable clothes plus we need to spend time clearing out the closets of things we no longer wear.
  • Resolve the Housing Question - We had a very promising visit to a potential town home that fit our criteria a few weeks ago, but we know that we can't fund it ourselves. Tobie has reached out to his folks for possible assistance (and I know that's a complicated situation to get into), but so far that hasn't quite panned out. Thus we're holding tight at the Sietch for now until we can build up enough equity for house that we'll actually want, but that could mean up to two more years at Regalia, assuming the lease holds up.
  • Figure Out Storage at the Sietch - No actual progress for this item as well, although the entry of Prince into our lives has certainly given this task a bit of momentum. We do want to create a sense of space for him and that naturally leads to rearranging things over here. One major item is the massive collection of CDs and PS1 discs that we need to process and either pass on, sell or dispose of eventually.
I'm thinking of trying to get into paid writing this year. It seems like a decent enough way to supplement our income and add to our buying potential when it comes to a new house. While we are still accumulating a decent amount of savings, it's no way near enough to get us to where we want to be any time soon. And so there's that natural urge to find every little way of supplementing our housing fund and get the ball rolling along. I'm not ready to advocate austerity measures or anything like that - we can probably save that for when we're actually dealing with a mortgage. I still want to be able to enjoy things with the two men that I love and that includes going to plays, eating out from time to time and of course partying at O Bar.

Hay life. So many things that we want and yet so many different things that need to get done first before we get there. But all we can do is keep pushing forward and hoping for the best right? Hard work, perseverance and all that good stuff has to pay off eventually, right? Or at least, so we hope. 


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