01292: Rough Waters Ahead - Hold Tight!

It's funny how "we" work in terms of the relationship, and yes "we" now means Tobie, Prince and myself. Just three short years ago we were all completely different people leading different lives and now we're three parts of a whole. It feels almost surreal how well we fit together, as if we had all been made to be brought together and to work as one like some ancient device whose pieces were found in some forgotten ruin of an ancient temple or something. My analogies get weird, but that's sort of what I feel - or what we feel right now.

There's the feeling you get with some people you've just met that you've been friends for all your lives. What we go through when we're together is something like that - and a lot more on top. It's definitely a sense of complete comfort and ease that defies reason to some extent, so a heads are still trying to keep pace with our hearts and the depths of our feelings at this point. But we're well on our way for sure - all roads are clearly leading there.

And I'm not just referring to the ring he now wears that roughly matches ours and the key to the apartment he holds so he can always come to visit or crash when he needs to. Our lives are still largely independent strands of obligations, responsibilities and all that fun stuff. But we're slowing laying the groundwork for the future and in time (and I feel that time will come sooner than we expect it too), we'll stop living in separate houses and we'll all be together under one roof - and yes, that means Prince's dog Poy-Poy, too. We'll just have to figure out a way to still allows us to address our individual jobs, our different hobbies and interests and all the other stuff in-between so that we achieve the necessary level of balance between the three of us. It's never easy to achieve that between two people, what more three, but I know that the bond between us is strong enough to help us reach that end state. Tobie and I knew what we were getting into before we invited to share in our lives more fully and we have no regrets whatsoever about making that decision. The best things in life require a lot of hard work and sacrifice after all and I'm pretty sure all three of us are built to make the truly necessary choices when they come along.

Today we had a number of financial-related instructions together. It's hard to explain precisely what brought this one - on my part I felt the need to be able to better understand where Prince stands in the world. The timing just seemed a little weird since afterward we found out that Tobie's part-time job was ending since the client opted to handle the work internally instead. But hey, in the charmed life that we lead, moments of amazing coincidences like this no longer seem so extraordinary and instead feel pretty much par for the course. In exchange for all the amazing stuff that happens to us, we get a lot of weird stuff like this as well in order to keep things balanced.

We're not in dire straits or anything like that, but the added income was definitely a big help towards building up our equity for the house fund. There are still other opportunities to consider so I know things will make sense in the long term. As I told Tobie, this is just a minor bump in the road and I know it'll lead to bigger opportunities and potential deals in the future.

Prince is still learning to welcome us into his deeper thinking about problems. It's only natural given the three of us have been together in a relationship for such a limited period of time. In this regard, I see a lot of myself in him given the tendency to isolate oneself in order to deal with some heavy thinking alone. I suppose that similarity between us helps provide greater resonance and thus personal insight into how his mind works. I say this not to be all scary manipulative, but more to discuss the natural progress between partners and such as surface likes and feelings give way to deeper understanding and true openness. It's never easy to let your guards down completely, as one should be able to do in any true significant relationship. But we're all getting there, and I'm all the more glad for it.

So these are the fantastic men in my life. The ones that I'm more than willing to make almost any sacrifice for in order to keep them happy and fulfilled. Tobie and I already worked that way before Prince, and now it just means even more opportunities to find new levels of happiness together and explore amazing new experiences within this relationship.

I'm pretty excited about the lot of plans we're trying to figure out - and this goes beyond just mapping out vacations and out of town excursions like that. It's all the million other little things like trying to rearrange things in the Sietch to make better use of what we have, clearing out older clothes to create closet space for Prince and possibly even figuring out a way to have Poy-Poy over here sometimes.

And that's not even the half of things, especially since we're still looking for a nice house that fits the three of us (and Poy-Poy) perfectly (or as close as we can get to that). Redefining routines so that we make the most of our time together before work and other obligations force us apart once again. In other words, it's just all of the details and nuances that get ironed out whenever you decide to join your life together with someone else. And in our case, it's a wee bit more work since there are three of us, but not too much. And as long as we remain open and honest between the three of us, I know we'll do well.

Anyway, need to get some rest now. Finally returning to work tonight after my rather lengthy Singapore-related vacation. Definitely looking forward to getting back into action and bringing my deliverables back down to a more reasonable place. While I wish that Prince could join us for my pre-shift afternoon nap, but of course duty calls. We'll get there soon enough.