01290: Ready for Take-Off

It's kind of crazy to think that this Singapore trip is already over. We'll be heading off to the airport in less than an hour, which means that even this blog post won't be able to be my normal where we fully cover all events in the day complete with timing appropriate photos - but who knows, I can work pretty fast when motivated enough.

To be safe, I think I will initially post this blog without images and then add them in should I still have the time.

Today was still busy with quite an amount of walking. Since Mina had work for the morning, Tobie and I ended up mapping out a last-minute trip to the Singapore Botanic Gardens as our official "touristy" activity of the trip since a lot of the other stuff had been pretty much regulated or what not. And given how comfortable Tobie and I have gotten with the mass transit system here, getting around really isn't that hard even with the air of my sister and such. Thank you GoThere.sg.

The gardens were quite lovely, although Tobie and I probably weren't totally prepared for the size of the grounds. It was like our adventure at the Night Safari all over again where we walked practically from end-to-end exploring the different areas. We still missed a few like the payment-required Orchid Garden and the closed-on-Mondays Healing Garden, but otherwise we saw everything that we wanted to see. Yay us.

Definitely going to try and map out a return visit during some future Singapore trip. I'm really curious about the Healing Garden and we just might be willing to pay for the Orchid Garden as well. Who knows, right?

Then it was off to Chinatown for last shopping and exploration and meeting up with my sister after her work day concluded. But we didn't really explore more of Chinatown since we got totally derailed by the Tintin shop. We spent quite a tidy sum at that store and walked away with three official shirts, a Snowy magnet, a Snowy plush doll and some a Tintin-themed card game. We would have bought more but we had no idea of how to bring stuff home nor did we have the money to afford some of the pricier figurines. Definitely a major highlight for this trip.

We had Japanese for dinner and had some pretty crazy conversations about "gay fish roe" that just won't make sense if I don't retell it in person. Also managed to meet some of Mina's office mates and finally connected with my college blockmate Cholle, who is also based in Singapore these days. Definitely a fun way to cap off the trip.

Now the bags are packed, thanks largely to Tobie's amazing Sokoban and Tetris skills. We're just waiting for the time to head off to the airport and get the process of going home started. Another great Singapore trip indeed. Very fulfilling even if a tad short, but then all such trips feel like they never go on for long enough.
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