0128F: Visiting the Titanic and Seeing Green

Another long yet rewarding day here at Singapore. And we're down to just one more full day in order to make the most of this trip. Time really does fly when you're having fun...and walking for majority of the day. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

We had a somewhat later start for the day given we were all pretty beat up after yesterday's Orchard Road adventure. While we did venture out to get hawker fare for brunch (eventually), it was only to return to the apartment to eat without the hassle of the food court crowd. But we did manage to leave the house and get onto the train in order to make our way to Marina Bay Sands.

We had two major itinerary items for the day. The first was to visit the Titanic exhibit over at the ArtScience Museum. Then we were scheduled to watch Wicked at the Marina Bay Sands Theater. And since we had left a tad later than expected (plus made a mistake during one of our train trips, we only had so much time to get everything done.

First, the Titanic exhibit was pretty amazing.

At first I was only expecting to see a bunch of artifacts on dispaly in multiple glass cases. What I had not been expecting was a highly creative exhibit area with several recreations of the various cabins and even other parts of the ship like one of the viewing decks and the boiler room. It certainly helped set the mood for things and it made the whole Titanic experience a lot more real somehow.

Then the exhibit had a lot of small touches that added a lot of value to things like how every visitor is issued with a recreation of one of the Titanic's boarding passes and by the end of the exhibit you'll be able to find out whether or not the name on your board pass matches someone who was fortunate enough to survive the night. Admittedly the exhibit had its fair share of creepy / scary moments, but overall it was a wonderful experience and I'm glad that we got to go see it before it ended.

Then it was a light dinner at the food court before the show, especially since we were still feeling somewhat full from our rather crazy hawker brunch before.

As for Wicked, the seats turned out to be better than I had projected. They afforded us a great view of the entire production, while still close enough to pick up the small details of things here and there. The touring cast was certainly competent and had a lot of impressing singing ability, but there was some awkwardness i how a number of the liners were delivered per se, which as more to the actors not quite grasping some of the nuances of the deliberately American humor involved in the show.

Still, it was a great musical and I was most happy that Tobe finally for to see it. And better yet, we got to enjoy it all together. In time I'd love to watch a production this grande together with our baby, Prince. This may take a wee bit more time but it'll certainly be worth the wait, I'm sure.

In the meantime, I can feel my brain struggling to keep up with the writing of this post and I could certainly use some rest. We have just one more day here in Singapore, and then it's back to Manila. As much as we're having fun during this trip, we do miss Prince terribly and we can' t wait to see him again, give him our gifts and tell him all about our trip.