0128C: Taking Care of Those You Love

Barbra Streisand has reminded many generations that "People who need people are the luckiest people in the world." Now maybe I'm just being a bit too queer by quoting her of all people, but I'd like to think it sends the right message across. And in light of recent circumstances, it makes a heck of a lot of sense, at least from my perspective.

Tobie wasn't sure if it was okay to smile.
Prince has been with us all of today ever since I picked him up at this place after work He's down with a fever - I suspect it's from a significant case of exhaustion given his busy schedule, and so it made the most sense to have him with us at the Sietch instead of battling this sickness alone at his place.

Admittedly it hasn't been an easy first week for us as a new union. While there has been a rather overwhelming show of support from many friends for the brave new adventure we're starting out on, naturally there have also been quite a few detractors out there who do not see how all this may prosper. And given the circumstances, Prince has been hardest hit by a lot of the talk, especially since in many ways it seems he has the most to lose. I don't like that assessment of things, but there's definitely some truth to it.

But we're continuing to work through the fears, doubts and uncertainty as best as we can. It's strange to note how similar we are to one another even in cases of adversity like this. We all seem to suffer from that nasty habit of wanting to deal with problems alone in order to avoid adding stress or "needless worry" for those we love. But instead we end up letting our brains run wild with what-ifs and let our own fears feed on themselves and grow stronger.

But thankfully love wins out - at least this is something that I'll always hold on to, especially ever since I got involved with Tobie. As much as there are so many dangers, challenges and obstacles ahead of us, I know that together we can surmount them with our combined strength.

Just before the illness a few days ago
My only worry at this point is the fact that Tobie and I will be leaving for Singapore tomorrow. I'd really not leave Prince behind given how sick he is, but of course plans are plans and our lives are still not fully integrated. This is not out of choice but merely circumstance. As soon as Tobie and I get back, we're definitely going to need to spend time with him mapping out things and seeing what kind of living arrangements we can work out to support our diverse schedules and obligations.

But that's what we do for the people we love, right? We worry and we do our best to care for one another and we are constantly surprised by how much more we manage to think beyond ourselves and give. While some would say that it means that one will incur a significant debt that will need to be paid in time. However when it comes to love, especially the time that holds relationships together, you never ever "keep score" and focus instead on the well-being of the others and that alone. That's when you love the love is genuine and not just some play date where the two (or more) of you want to change your relationship status on some social network and try playing house for a while.

In the meantime, I have a pot of tinola to prepare for our sick Prince and eventually bags to pack for this weekend's Singapore trip.
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