0128B: The Challenges Of The Journey

When you are forging a new path, it takes a lot of hard work. The terrain again is inconsistent and changes as you progress along your intended path. Sometimes you lose sight of the destination entirely. But you keep going and to some extent you also pave the way for all those who will follow in your footsteps. Some deliberately act as trailblazers, helping to establish roads and such to make it easier for others to follow along. Their travels are slow and methodical as they clear obstacles, even out the land and establish a new route through the wilds.

Others have a more singular focus, perhaps a destination they wish to reach alone. They face the same obstacles but simply find ways around them without dealing with them. Their journey is more of a long-running wrestling match as they battle with the elements, try to challenge Nature itself and prove their supremacy. They do not seek to remove the things that stand in their way - only to find a way to neutralize them, negate them or simply avoid them. Future explorers are bound to encounter those same obstacles and thus will be faced with the same challenge of figuring out a way to get past them.

I know that Tobie, Prince and I are on a similar journey, and we're not even at a point when we can determine if we are trailblazers or just daring adventurers making their way through the wilderness. To claim to be forging a new path for others seems a bit much to assume at this point. We're not trying to advocate that what we're doing is the most ideal path for everyone else - it takes a certain level of maturity coupled with an unwavering sense of connection and rightness between you to ensure you're ready for this sort of thing, at least that's what I believe. But this is the path we are on now and it feels so unshakably right that we're prepared to face any challenges down the road in order to reach the final destination.

It's not an easy journey. It's one that's filled with many dangers and obstacles - a path that would give any person a reason to hesitate to move forward. But this is not unique to our a-typical relationship - all relationships face the same dangers and pitfalls. And the one thing I've learned in the more than two years of being together with Tobie is that total honesty, trust and commitment are some of the strongest weapons one can ever have to face such dangers.

They're not easy weapons or tools to wield, I know. True honesty alone is something that takes practically a lifetime to truly master. Absolute trust in a person doesn't happen overnight. Commitment is tested in fire and adversity. And in the end, all of these things take time, which is the ultimate task master of us all.

These are the men of my life, and I couldn't be prouder. I cannot think of finer guys to have with me on this journey and at my side. When Tobie, Prince and I are together, one can't help but feel that we have the power to conquer the world. We can face any dangers together. We're stronger than anything that the world can throw our way. And that's a major part of the reasons why we are at this point - risking so much for a prize that is beyond belief.

We'll have more than our fair share of doubts, fears and paranoid moments. That's pretty much certain given the difficult path ahead. But together and with the support of our friends, we can push on and strive harder. Adversity sometimes pushes people down, but more often than not it challenges us and makes us stronger. And we as progress along our journeys in this life, we become all the better for it.