01289: Back on Track

Feeling so much better today. Things feel right in the world again and the loves of my life are safely secured in my heart, as they should be. A place for everything and everything in its place, right?

So let me take another stab at talking about the weekend.

Yesterday we visited a housing project between Cubao and Kamuning that shows a lot of promise. I really like the design of the place and while it's no longer walking distance from the MRT, it's still a pretty good location. Fairly quite and the complex isn't set precisely against the road. Jeeps pass along the road as well, but not too many (I hope). That should provide for alternative transportation options once I understand what routes pass there. It's still in the pre-selling stage but units are going away fast. With luck we'll be able to figure out how to potentially finance it before the month is over since the pre-selling prices will shift after that point.

If we do pull things together, then it means that we can potentially move in by late May or mid June. Scary and yet also exciting!

Yesterday's gaming time was devoted to character creation for our next chronicle. While we're still not done with our Changeling: the Dreaming game, we're already mapping out a Houses of the Blooded adventure in the future. Plus both Tobie and I were feeling pretty drained yesterday, playing a full game session in so short period of time didn't seem all that realistic. The game does show a lot of promise, although now I need to find time to figure out names for all my domains before we formally get around to that game.

Then we went off to O Bar Ortigas to celebrate the Chinese New Year with friends. Given how the past weeks with Prince have gone, it's now become somewhat weird to go to the bar without him performing or just hanging out with us. We kept thinking about him over the course of the night based on the songs that were playing or even just us imagining what poi routines he'd be performing to match the music.

It's both exciting and scary how quickly our friendship with him has evolved into something far greater in the past few weeks. I know that our brains are still trying to make sense of the emotional rush the three of us are feeling but overall it definitely feels like this is right and we're definitely at the start of something great. It's become hard to imagine times at O Bar without him - and heck, more and more it's hard to imagine life in general without him. The sense of resonance and familiarity that the three of us share is phenomenal and it seems hard to believe that everything is happening as it is.

But then we have our share of scary moments and little episodes. Sometimes alcohol-fueled nights can lead to somewhat unexpected lines of thought and related revelations and confessions. Sometimes our thoughts just lead us astray into the darker recesses of the mind where doubt and uncertainty reign. It's perfectly natural, but becomes especially potent in such uncharted relationship territory as we're exploring now. But then as long as week talk through things, support one another and do our best to understand each other, then I remain confident that we'll get through these challenges stronger than ever.

The end goal is worth it after all. So, so worth it. Love always is.
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