01286: Catching Up and Saturday Plans

Mundane updates for now.

My cough is still lingering, but it does seem to be dying out. To be fair, I have't been consistently taking my OTC meds to deal with it, plus I still hit O Bar last Sunday. But I'm back on track, keeping hydrated and keeping the multivitamins flowing as well. All this just to be well enough during the weekend to probably go out again. Oh life.

But in brighter news, my annual merit increase from last year finally came in. While a tad overdue, I'm a pretty patient guy who is generally comfortable where he is in term of the company. And as patient as I am, I'm definitely happy that it came in, and it couldn't have come at a better time either. With the Singapore just around the corner and another interesting trip planned for February together with Prince, things are really looking up.

All we need is for the perfect townhouse to fall into our laps and I swear everything will be beyond amazing. *fingers and toes crossed*

And now for the better stuff.

Tomorrow Prince and I will be spending the day together. Tobie gets to hang out with Prince during week nights when he performs at O Bar (at the very least) and so these little Saturday excursions have become our thing, in a manner of speaking. We've already agreed to meet up at least once a month for Poy-Poy's grooming sessions and tomorrow is just, well, a bonus meeting. He'll be at Puerto Galera for Chinese New Year this Sunday so Tobie and I will have to get by at O Bar without his company. Aww sad.

Our time with Prince is always a highlight of any day, whether it's just electronic communication over Facebook or text messages or our times together in person whether at O Bar or here at the Sietch. It's only been a few weeks since this friendship has upgraded to a completely different level, but it already feels like it's been a lifetime. That sounds ridiculously sappy and crazy all at the same time, but it's the best terms that I can come up with to describe what the three of us are experiencing.

It's times like this that remind you that language only tries to approximate everything in this amazing world we live in. Thus writers (I suppose that includes me too) forever struggle to find the right words to give shape to our lives so that future generations may look back and see all that we did. It's not much, but it's certainly a start.


  1. YearStarterPicnichoooo....
    ay. napabahing lang.

  2. Sounds like you need to take something for that, hehe.

    Sorry, clearly had other priorities for that Saturday.


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