01283: Patterns of Behavior Keep Me Busy

In many ways, I feel the world is filled with patterns. No matter how seemingly chaotic the system, patterns will eventually emerge. They're not always useful patterns, but they are there nonetheless and perhaps someone can find a use for them.

It's that kind of a mindset that drives my observation of people at times. Whether I want to or not, I start categorizing things that they do in little buckets of activities as I try to sort through everything to find patterns. Sometimes I notice little quirks in terms of their work usage, such as turning terms like "basically" into punctuations or even noticing how Tobie tends to use the term "It is to my understanding..." during his game sessions to help a character establish that he or she is about to explain something but strictly from the perspective of the NPC.

I know I do the same thing as I watch the poi dancers at O Bar run through their performances. I started thinking about this as I was working through all the photos I took during last Sunday's O Bar Ortigas night out with the PG4M folks. While obviously poi routines involve a series of pre-established moves that naturally go into certain sequences, it's interesting how each performer develops his own unique sequence for how they string the various moves together as part of their number. And there lies the fun in trying to figure out more patterns while at the bar. I'm quirky that way, I know.

It expands into other stuff like the way people deal with certain situations such as understanding what triggers make them angry or emotional instead of being logical. Or even the small things like what people tend to order at restaurants, how they argue over petty items or how friends handle themselves at the bar. And that's not counting the ways trees grow, how long it takes for a traffic light to complete its sequence circuit or the way ants respond to gusts of air. It's a weird collection of random theories and hypotheses in terms of how I see the world and it's always interesting to test these theories out and see which ones stick. It does make like seem like one big experiment, but at times you can't help find little things like this to keep your mind busy, right?

In other news, I think I've definitely reached a new high point in terms of dealing with past trauma. Previously I wrote about how difficult it is for me to use the term of endearment, mwahugs given how I still closely associate it with my late friend Jayson. And I wrote that post precisely because I felt I was at a point when I was being made to consider changing my stand on things and see where it might take me.

Now I definitely feel that Prince is one of those people that I feel close enough to for the term mwahugs to become appropriate once more. While it still holds special significance as far as Jayson is concerned, it's certainly time to develop the "concept" further to include other people. And so far, Prince is definitely one of those people and I feel no sense of regret in "borrowing" the term from Jayson for now. And this is definitely the sort of special friendship that deserves further development and investment of time and effort in order to see things through.

So thanks for being a stellar guy, Prince! We're always looking forward to the next chance for all three of us to hang out again! Yay!


  1. MWAAAAHUGS! And yes, Shining Star played that night.


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