01282: Magic Happens at O Bar

Well that was a most interesting night. *coughs*understatement*coughs*

So many good friends joined us at O Bar last night. The alcohol flowed a bit more freely than  it should have been (so we say in hindsight). But overall it was a wonderful, special night.

So last night at O Bar Ortigas, a bunch of friends from PG4M joined us for a fab night out. It was a mixed group of first-timers and those who just don't go out to bars like this very often and so Tobie and I really wanted to make sure that everyone had a good time. We even reserved a separate table close to the stage instead of just sharing the table with the other O Bar regulars.

Now a good time at O Bar is really helped along with a pitcher of Kamikaze, which I swear is such a deceptively evil drink. It tastes pretty much like juice at time when you first drink it but then strange things start to happen later in the night. It works every time, I assure you. And man, I don't remember how many of those evil shots I had during the course of the night, but at least I didn't go home with a headache or the urge to examine the contents of my stomach from the outside.

I took another ridiculous amount of photos last night - I think my final count was closer to 1,400 images. I still have to actually sort through them in order to weed out the less than ideal ones and so far I've only managed to upload the shots of friends. The performance related shots involving the O Divas, the Poi du-O and ledge dancers will just have to wait for when I have more time to focus on editing.

It was also great night for hanging out with Prince between his poi sets. While such O Bar nights are really busy for him, it's always appreciated that he tries to spend his breaks with us as we watch the drag shows together, share drinks and dance a bit when we have the chance.

Plus it was a great time to introduce Prince to more of our friends including those in PG4M and at the bar. While the O Bar regulars know Prince given he performs there, it was also a night for stressing how special a friend he is to me and Tobie and how we're proud of being there to support him.

I feel our O Bar adventures have certainly hit a new level as early as now. The year ahead doesn't at feel like the potential end of things, if our misguided interpretations of old Mayan writings are to be believed. In fact it feels like a stellar beginning for many great things to come and it can only get better and better.

Here's to hoping all of you are having as great a start to 2012 as we are!


  1. I haven't been to O-Bar in weeks! Terrible. I hope to be there this Wednesday!

    1. The bar misses you for sure - and with the play writing on-going, best to refresh your font of inspiration, hehe

  2. Celebrate the diversity of love, in all its forms! MWAAAH!

  3. What a wonderful night, in so many levels.

    1. So many levels indeed, hehe. I like that term for things. =D


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