01281: Friendly Cuddles and Preserved Bodies

Today has certainly been interesting for a number of reasons, and it isn't quite over yet. I'll need to keep things brief since we're about to head out to O Bar again for what is promising to be a pretty fantastic Sunday night.

Last night Tobie headed off to O Bar to meet up with friends while I was home dead asleep. After being awake for more than 24 hours. I woke up some time before they had returned home, which was well-timed given Prince had come along to crash for the night.

It took a while for everyone to really wake up and get out of bed and it seems even Prince was not immune to the powers so the black hole event that seems to live in our bedroom. And yes, friends staying over demands goofy pictures while in bed together of course, hence the photo included in this post.

It took a while for us to actually leave the bedroom all at the same time since one or the other would eventually return to laze around a bit more, which in turn would lead to all of us wanting to stay in bed and just be lazy. What a sack of vegetables we were indeed, but it was certainly relaxing and restful.

Eventually we parted ways and Tobie and I made our way to meet up with Ryan and John for our repeat attempt to see the Myth of the Human Body exhibit. Given we had won ourselves free tickets to see the museum yesterday since they had closed earlier than normal, it seemed all the more worth it to pay the place a visit - and that day was today.

While I couldn't take photos of the specimens (as they termed them), it was still a most interesting experience. The preservation process that they used really did an amazing job of capturing a lot of the details of the various organs and other human tissue even if the write-ups for many of the displays read like anatomy textbooks.

Yes, there was certainly a somewhat macabre element to seeing the results of over 300 bodies preserved and positioned to highlight different aspects of our bodies, but it was done rather tastefully, I think.

Then it was off to High Street for a bit more walking around (bought a copy of I Shall Wear Midnight), helping Tobie deal with the dogs and eventually settling down for a hearty dinner over at TGI Friday's. Another lovely day indeed and what I hope to be a good indicator of how well the rest of the month and even the year will go.

Now to hydrate a bit before heading off to O Bar Ortigas to join the PG4M folks. Yay!
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