01280: Saturday Good Times

Once again I find myself past my 24 hour mark in terms of lack of sleep, which is a not too uncommon occurrence on a Saturday. Given it is the start of my weekend despite my week day graveyard schedule, many times I find myself pushing myself to the limit in order to get certain social activities done or whatever. And today was nicely meaningful and I think it's sleep time well spent.

The morning was spent with Prince, a friend from O Bar. He had an appointment to bring his dog Poy-Poy to the pet groomers at Cartimar and it seemed like a nice reason to revisit the old Pasay haunts. I used to enjoy walking down to Cartimar from the former apartment since being among so many animals was always rather uplifting for the spirit. I think the last time I had gone there was well prior to the break-up, so a return visit was certainly long overdue.

It was a light morning. We mostly spent the time talking as we waited for the groomers to do their thing, and I have to admit it's nice to just do that. Good friends are the ones that you feel the conversation just flows freely from topic to topic even though some of the transitions may not make "logical" sense. And it's nice how things are going that way with Prince for both me and Tobie. Always nice to meet new friends who are certainly good ones.

The afternoon was spent with Ryan and John and our failed attempt to catch the Myth of the Human Body exhibit. After missing a few key turns, nearly getting lost and a lot of silliness, we finally found the location of the exhibit only to find out that they were closed today given one of the administrators was getting married. But for our trouble, we each received a free ticket to be used anytime, so we still sort of came out on top of this equation.

Cover of "All Star Superman, Vol. 1"
Cover of All Star Superman, Vol. 1
So not to waste the fact that we were all out together for once, we headed over to Greenbelt for some dinner and minor walking around. I was initially tempted to push to watch Next Fall together, but then the increasing sense of fatigue really began to sink in as we made our way there so I abandoned the idea. We ended up at Pho Hoa and had a great Vietnamese dinner. It was a lot of the usual conversations we'd get into with John and Ryan - a mix of recent updates, horror stories and work-related discussions. In other words, it was all a heck of a lot of fun and very comforting to experience again.

Then we just went around the mall a bit and Tobie ended up getting Absolute All-Star Superman on sale while I picked up Every Thing On It by Shel Silverstein. I'm a sucker for children's poetry that seems more apt for adults. Can you blame us - Fully Booked was on sale at Greenbelt 5!

And we've made plans to meet-up again tomorrow to make a second attempt on the exhibit. But this time, we have free tickets in hand, so it should prove a wee bit more interesting / amusing.

Now I'm pretty much at the end of my battery life. Systems shutting down. Reserves drained. Heart filled.

Good night you beautiful, amazing world. I love you for being wonderful.
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