0127A: While Thinking About Going Out Tonight

Given my on-again, off-again health status for this week, yesterday has largely been one major day of rest. Sure it was tempting to step out for any number of reasons, but instead it seemed most prudent to remain at home and let my body gather strength in order to prepare for the week ahead. Thus lots of water. Not much physical activity. And like I mentioned yesterday, quite a lot of memery, which is the term that I'm going to stick with.

By the time Tobie arrived back home after his family dinner thing, we ended up spending the rest of the night playing Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends and finally watching Let Me In. The mindless PS3 combat always does something for my mood (and my love of repetitive activity to achieve and objective) and my general level of morale. And yes, that may sound somewhat redundant, but it really isn't. The movie wasn't too great though - a pale imitation of the original movie that missed the mark in so many ways. Ah well. 

Oh, and we also spent the night making a few more posters such as this one:

The irony is that it seems a number of friends whom I don't often see at O Bar decided to go out last night, which is a rather funny coincidence. But as much as I would have loved to party with them, it's just as well that Tobie and I got enough rest in order to leave more options for tonight and the rest of the work week as needed. But darn, I admit it would have been fun to party with them. Oh life.

That brings us back to today. While we're in the middle of our Changeling the Dreaming game session for today as I type this, I'm also weighing whether or not we're heading out to O Bar later tonight. Sunday is the one day that I'm most likely to go to the bar during the regular working period. Sure I could push Saturdays too, but between Tobie's work and the sheer number of people that tend to be at the bar on such a night, we tend to opt in favor of other plans.

There are certain things that drag us out of the Sietch though, even on a Saturday. In the complex decision-making tree that we run through on any night when O Bar is an option, certainly factors always come into play.

First, there are events like the annual White Party every June or the Black Party every Halloween. These are naturally high volume days that are bound to be teeming with people, but at the same time a lot of friends will be there too. One could say that there is the call of "tradition" in terms of going out, but really it's more about the fact that it's almost guaranteed to be fun since the fun has more to do with company that we keep more than anything else.

And that's the second big factor that almost always drags us out - friends. We put a lot of stock on who we're with at O Bar and without friends, we would never venture out of the Sietch. But even on the laziest of nights, the right invitation from a key friend will come at the right time will automatically get us to start getting ready to hike down to Ortigas again. In terms of the case last night, the lack of invites had us opting to stay home since the other friends who went were not the sorts who check in with us prior to going.

Another factor that we all experience is plain old stress. After a really bad week, we're more than bound to head out to deal with our woes and lose ourselves in the good music, fun drinks and tasty treats (in all senses of the word).

Which leads us to the biggest reason we head out, actually, the fabulous drag queens. We're on generally good terms with most of the O Divas who perform at the bar and naturally there are those that we enjoy seeing more than others. They're all funny mind you, but of course preferences will form over time. And knowing key divas are going to perform on a certain night will actually get us excited enough to step out and see how things are going to go.

And based on tonight's set list, it's definitely going to be one of those nights when we're willing to risk our general state of health in order to go see how the group will perform together. Plus a lot of friends are going as is the way on Sundays. And there's a certain persistent invite that keeps popping up.

Ah, the things we do for the love of the bar, and at times for our own sanity.

I could really use a job that allows me to go to O Bar more often, but then I'm not sure if my body to cope with the kind of increase bar frequency like what we did over the holidays. Now that's another thing to blog about - my ideal job, haha!
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