01279: Getting on the Meme Bandwagon

Been home alone at the Sietch all afternoon since Tobie is with his family tonight to celebrate his dad's birthday. It hasn't been totally boring here - as if that could ever be the case in a condo filled with so much geek potential. But what has really taken up a lot of my time this afternoon is a little photo-memery.

It all started with the new DOT campaign again, which continues to preoccupy my idle thoughts as I try to think of more and more stuff to post with the #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines hash tag over on Twitter. While chatting with one of our O Bar friends, the idea to play with some of my O Bar photos using the theme of the campaign seemed like a fun idea. I was able to chat with Tobie about it and we came up with a few initial concepts. And after digging through some of the literally thousands of photos I've taken at O Bar, we came up with these first two concepts:

Pretty fun, huh? And we opted to brand them under the Baduy Pride banner given O Bar is something we celebrate together and thus makes for a great feature for the blog. I doubt they'll ever be worthy of being added to the national advertising campaign for the country, but they do make for a fun way to promote O Bar and generally celebrate the stuff we enjoy about the bar the most.

Plus what else am I going to do with all the images that I've taken, right? Might as well put them to good use, and thus also push me to continue to take better photos with possible future poster images in mind.

I tried two more concepts without Tobie's input and came up with these two images:

Yeah, the last one isn't very imaginative caption-wise, but it's a fun image that deserved to be feature in this manner. I still need to dig through the rest of my photos in the hopes of finding more fun images that might work for the concept. It's actually pretty tricky to think of more caption ideas. Naturally I want them to be witty and smart without being too obscure and niche. Then again, isn't that the challenge of any advertising campaign? You never want to miss the mark in terms of your target market after all, hehe.

It's funny to consider that this was not actually our first plans for creating concept photos for the bar. Tobie and I have been going back and forth for some time talking about possible ways of featuring the fabulous O Divas in a series of concept posters as our way of showing support. It's really just been challenging to come up with a coherent poster concept that will keep all of the images in a single theme. After some consideration, I thought following the style of the playbills in the US with a pink top border instead of the standard yellow. Then the theater information can be replaced with the locations of the branches of O Bar and such - but it's all still rather preliminary at this point. This new DOT concept was just a lot easier to implement on the fly due to its more meme-like nature.

Yay for social media marketing and other viral nonsense!


  1. Hi Rocky, nice concepts! For the Bird Watching though, I was thinking that the title was more appropriate for a macho dancer gay bar than a gay club. But then, I realized that "bird watching" is more fun in Bangkok and in other parts of the world, than in our more conservative Manila.

  2. Oh GB, you tend to see everything within the context of your gay bars, hehe.


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