01277: Quarantine at the Sietch

Initially I thought maybe I was just fighting the new year blues given my return to work. But when I started to feel chills at the office and then waking up with a bit of a fever yesterday, I started to suspect. And I probably shouldn't have pushed myself to the grocery since by the time we got back I definitely had a fever. Of course me being me, I was still weighing whether or not it would be worth going to work despite not feeling well. It took sticking a thermometer in my mouth to finally see what my temperature actually was despite some initial paracetamol to convince me to stay home.

Surprisingly enough, I hibernated the night away, which is a bit weird. Normally when I stay home I at least stay on the computer so I can check work email, maybe get some blogging done and all that sort of stuff. But in this case I just popped some meds lay down for a bit and woke up the afternoon the next day. Man, I guess I was more beat up than I expected. At least I'm not so feverish now but still dealing with the sniffles. And Tobie seems to have caught the same bug too.

Of course it turned out work was pretty eventful in my absence, which makes me feel a tad bad about missing a shift. The text updates from colleagues alone were certainly intriguing and yet I've yet to bring myself to check my work email just yet. Given the time, I suppose that can wait for when I report for work again tonight. As much as I'd love to stay in a bit more, I don't think I can afford it. At least yesterday's day of rest did me some good. I expect that my sacrificing a day yesterday helped prevent me being sick for several days and all that. Small consolations, yes?

I will need to nap again in a bit before work tonight. As much as I've gotten a ridiculous amount of sleep since yesterday, I'll still a bit more rest before I push through with the full work routine. And given how last night went, I expect that tonight's work shift won't be any easier. What fun.

Finally finished watching the first season of the US version of The Killing earlier. It wasn't exactly the most compelling of shows given its rather glacier-like pacing and a bit too many plot threads for my liking, the end of the season proved interesting enough to be sure. I'll be interesting to see where the next season goes but I hope they figure out how to edit down some of the stories or at the very least make some modest changes to the pacing. I don't need the full-blown Hollywood dumbing down treatment just yet, but I could use a bit more flair in things, for lack of a better term.

And now we're getting started on Downton Abbey after a number of friends have recommended the series. It's funny to consider that I doubt the pacing for this show will be any faster than that of The Killing, but given the British setting and the time period it tries to depict, I don't think that'll be an issue. Weird how a shift in cultural context changes what we're willing to work with.

Rest mode now. Need to gather my strength for tonight.
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