01274: Last O Bar Thoughts Before Work

In less than two hours, I'll be back at the office, getting back into the work grind. Work is never boring, to be fair, but it still won't be the same how amazing the past two weeks have been. While you can argue that it would be an apples and oranges kind of argument to compare the two varied experiences with one another. but hey, it can't be helped. It's why we love weekends and holidays more than the regular working days of the week.

We ended things on an interesting note that could be said to be high or whatever else you want to use to describe it. And fittingly enough, we found ourselves at O Bar Ortigas one more time to cap off a stellar holiday season. Sure, we were still tired from the epic awesomeness of the last O Bar run that had ended a scant 18 hours or so beforehand. But then this was also going to be my last chance to go to O Bar for at least another week given my return to my normal graveyard working schedule.

Times like this have me thinking about the challenges of my job and how it affects the rest of my life. I'd kill for a job that pays as well as my current marketing position and yet gives me a more reasonable schedule, but of course the chances of that are slim to none in this current economy and given my skill set. The best jobs that really pay well are the ones that do involve significant sacrifices, and in my case that means giving up my week nights. For now it seems a decent enough exchange, but I wonder if that may change in the future. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Today also happens to be Wheelie Day, and Tobie surprised me with a lovely dinner from Rack's to mark the evening. Plus we also got a fantastic massage here at home, which really helped work out a lot of the kinks developed from all the recent partying and dancing at O Bar.

As for the night itself, it was pretty swell. While a number of our other regular O Bar companions had opted to spend some quality time over at the Malate branch, we still had the company of the likes of Nico, Don and Kyle plus Peter had a number of interesting friends at the table as well. For us the one that probably stood out more was Tony, who was a delightful person to talk to who happened to be on holiday here in Manila. It's a shame that he'll be leaving the country again this week - I'm sure it's fair to say that we'd love to have his company again next time he's in town.

The bar was pretty packed though, and we did our best to remain seated on some bar stools in the earlier part of the night. But eventually the press of people became a bit too much and Tobie and I found ourselves needing to give up the seats in order to better manage the hustle and bustle of the other patrons. There were quite a number of broken bottles and glasses that night, but I suppose it couldn't be helped given the sheer number of people compressed into the bar.

It's funny that I still ended up with over 700 photos by the time the night was over. Sure, there were no poi dancers this time around, which typically take up a lot of my photo time while at the bar. But I still had a lot of other subjects to enjoy like trying to capture the ledge dancers in motion and of course the O Divas, the O Divas and the O Divas. And given it was a spectacular 3-set evening, there were more than enough photo opportunities to go around.

I've spent a lot of time talking about our O Bar Ortigas nights over the past two weeks given I have to admit that this made up the bulk of my holiday (and I only say "my" since Tobie still had work to contend with, unfortunately). And that's not a bad thing at all - the whole period was a lot of fun and I'm glad that I got to party a bit more with the O Bar folks given I'm normally limited to like 1-2 O Bar runs a month instead of the 8 times that we went since my vacation started on December 21. That's quite a number of trips, I have to admit, but it was certainly worth the fatigue and the potential damage I must have done to my liver (har har).

Sure, some folks would have tried to use the time away from work as a chance to plan some massive out of town trip or something like that. Instead I ended up investing my time off with our fabulous friends at O Bar, with a fair amount of time playing local co-op games on the PS3 and of course just staying at home with Tobie. And that's definitely a holiday well spent, if I do say so myself.

On the horizon it's back to the work grind and eventually looking forward eventual vacation time in the mid to longer term future. And while initially I was worried that I'd find myself having a difficult time trying to get back into the work mindset, I honestly think I feel pretty pumped and recharged and more than ready for whatever the office has to throw at me.

And even if things go bad, at least I can also look forward to de-stressing at O Bar come Sunday night.