Me and Tobie

I'm Rocky Sunico, a 40-something-year-old gay geek based in Taguig City, Philippines. I live with my partner, Tobie, and our dog, Yoshi. These days I help run a digital marketing consultancy in Manila.

And I may have a bit of a Transformers fixation.

I first started blogging over on LiveJournal with my first site, the now-archived Beyond Dinobot Island. It started as a way to keep up my writing skills and eventually matured into a way for me to cope with the stress of daily life through writing. But at the same time, the LiveJournal community has dwindled with the rise of social networks like Facebook. And with the acquisition of LiveJournal by Russian media group SUP, the site just hasn't been the same. I suppose you could attribute a lot of that to the increasingly frequent DDoS attacks plaguing the site or something along those lines.

So I figured it was about time that I move away from LiveJournal and settle in a new home. And since my other sites like The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything and Baduy Pride are already Blogger-hosted - and the fact that I'm a bit of a Google freak - the rest of it was simple enough to decide on.

More than anything else, this is a personal blog. So the views and opinions expressed here are most definitely my own and do not reflect the company that I work for and such (obligatory disclaimer). I'll admit I can't always guarantee that what I have to say will be meant to please everyone, but oftentimes I'll discuss things merely for the sake of engaging in a debate or intellectual argument. So take things with a grain of salt.

To get in touch with me directly, you can contact me on Twitter or via email at rgsunico [at] Gmail.

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